Management, Staff & Training

Residential Care Coulsdon

Social care specialists offering experienced social services to persons with learning disabilities at our residential care homes in Coulsdon, Croydon.

The Eadmund, in Coulsdon, Croydon, is registered with the Care Quality Commission. All staff comply with the Fundamental Standards of the Care Act 2014. We work closely with residents, their families and the local authorities to offer the best practice and provision.

Our Management

The Eadmund employs a registered LD Nurse in post as manager - an NSA National Skill Academy Social Care Member with over 15 years’ experience.

Our Staff

The Eadmund has a minimum of 4 care staff on duty at all times, two in each house. During the night, we have three staff on the premises, two awake and one sleeping in. Additional members of support staff include our Supernumerary Head of Care, On Site Driver, Activities Co-ordinator, Cook, Housekeeper and Maintenance Support.

Staff Training

Every member of care staff has either attained or is working towards a minimum of level 2 NVQ in Health and Social Care and many have progressed to or have completed level 3. All mandatory training has been undertaken which includes training specific to the needs of our residents.

We have a real understanding of the learning disabilities and associated difficulties our clients face. Together we focus on actual needs, rather than the perceived needs of the client. Our training is geared specifically to the individuals in our care, taking their personal plan into account at all times. We also work closely with the people who are important in our clients’ lives, ensuring that we share purposeful and effective communication at all times.

At the Eadmund, we give each individual the chance to have their say on the running and management of the home and its activities.